Bee Kind™ Beeswax Waterproofing Bar

"I love this product, two bars covered my 12X9 ft canvas tent. A much better product than any spray I have used on the market to date. 1 bar was used for all of the seams inside and out, the other covered all of the outside going over the ground sheet seams twice.. After I finished, I put the tent in my green house for 2 days and the wax fully melted into canvas fabric.. The tent has now been stood up for 9 days and has been involved in some awful NZ downpours but not a single drop has come through.. bearing in mind the reason I wanted to water proof was because the tent leaked at the top from one of the seam.. I had to do some patch work on the tent to cover a little hole on the side, I am not very good at sewing but I used heaps of the wax to cover the stiches and all of the patch.. the rain streams off it!!" A***** Product and great delivery time!!
Henry Lawson - Trade Me

Bee Kind Beeswax Waterproofing Wax Bar - Heavy Duty - 100grams
Comes with free muslin cloth for holding beeswax bar and after care application.

Our beeswax heavy duty water repellent and protectant wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and blend of waxes. A great option for heavy duty waterproofing projects like outdoor equipment, tent seams, jackets or pants, bike wear, back packs, hats, horse covers, trekking boots, jeans, canvas shoes, fishing & hunting gear, rucksacks, tents and hiking boots. Any surface that requires a heavy duty water-proofing surface. Easy to use. Can be used in hard to reach seams and stitching.

Rubbing the bar back and forth creates the perfect amount of heat to loosen wax and spread evenly into the top layer of surface. Use the free muslin cloth provided to hold bar and then use cloth after, to rub in wax.
•  Thoroughly clean and dry item before application
•  Rub onto surface to create heat friction
•  Smooth out with fingers or cloth to create uniform seal
•  Can be rubbed in using muslin cloth provided if used on boots etc.
• A hair dryer or iron can be used to melt wax into fabric or garments, or left by fireplace, or in sun. Leave overnight to dry.

It’s recommended that you re-apply wax every year. Waxing fabric, will darken the color of a fabric and give it a light shine. As a general rule of thumb, plan on using more wax to treat un-waxed or oiled fabrics. Waxed fabrics are already saturated with wax, so will not absorb as much as an untreated fabric. Our Bee Kind wax bars are excellent for one-sided waxing because it creates a seal on the top layer of the fabric. Great for quickly re-proofing factory waxed and oiled garments like oilskins. Our wax  is melted down when applied, thus permeating deeper into the fabric and yielding a more factory-waxed appearance. This is ideal for multi-layered coats and jackets, or for re-proofing factory-oiled fabrics.

Ingredients in order of highest percentage used:
• NZ Raw Beeswax
• Carnauba Wax
• Microcrystalline Wax
• Paraffin Wax
• Fractionated Coconut Oil

Photo below - Waterproofing a 4.9ft synthetic horse cover - Used the muslin cloth to hold bar and then used the corners and edges of bar to get into the hard to reach seams and stitching - Saves the stitching breaking down and rotting after heavy rain, dryness and sun. We then used the waterproofing bar for the rest of cover. Right hand side of photo shows where waterproofing bar was applied and then water applied.
Completely rainproof and will last for up to a year before re-applying.

Video demonstration of application on fabric, boots and leather will be coming shortly.


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