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Timberly Finishing Techniques for NZ Native Wood

Introducing Terry Scott - Professional New Zealand Wood Turner and Artist

"Part of my finishing technique I have developed over the last 12 years I have been wood turning, is to apply a soft wax.
I have always been fully aware that many of the soft waxes on the commercial market contain mineral turpentines, petroleum, chemical thinners and silicons as the thinner and binder of natural oils and ...who knows what else was thrown in.

Not only was I concerned for myself who is exposed to these chemicals in the turning process, but this was extended to my customers as many of my craft items are used for food use. Many may not realise it, but their allergies, including asthma and eczema may stem from using cheap substitute products containing petroleum chemical or silicon waxes."

Ancient Wooden Kauri

How I use this new eco friendly 100% natural product - Bee Kind Finisher's Formula

With our New Zealand native wood like Rimu - after turning I wet sand to 600 grit with medicinal paraffin clear pure oil that helps bring out the timbers grain, along with keeping the pepper like dust of Rimu to a minimum.
Next, I use ooo steel wool in a circular pattern with the wax on the steel wool to load the timber.
With the late running at 1000rpm, I then buff with a cotton cloth. This burnishes the natural wax into the grain of the timber.
If the item is suitable to get close to a cotton buff I will use that.

Some waxes on the market are quite hard and you have to apply too much pressure at the buffing stage to melt it, which can cause heat checks and also dragging of the surface of the wax as it dries quicker than the wax against the wood causing scratches.

Placing a quality and natural wax on your work gives the timber a tactile warm smooth feel but is only as good as the time spent finishing timber to a high standard.

I always decant off a portion of the wax into another container to prevent the mother pot getting contaminated with shavings from turning. These can leave scratch marks."

New Zealand Rimu

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If you would like to learn more about specialist wood-turning, or request custom made NZ made native wood products you can contact Terry at: Timberly Gallery:

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