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WSPA Australia & New Zealand - A Global Animal Welfare Organisation.  
GE-FREE GE-Free New Zealand in our food and environment.
ECO is an umbrella group of environment and conservation organisations in New Zealand.
SAFE An national animal rights organisation that is actively involved in campaigns to protect the welfare of all animals.
 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.
Horsemanship™ Programme
covering horse psychology and behaviour with Jane Taylor-Young.
The facility provides an ideal learning environment for students. It allows students to become totally absorbed in the world of the horse. The Herdword Performance programme links the psychological and physical aspects of the animal you ride in order for you to maximise your horse’s performance safely and with confidence.
BHAMPERS "New Zealand's premium online baby hamper company, selling quality eco accessory hampers, including 100% certified organic cotton bibs, facecloths and towels.100% NZ owned and operated."
NZPCN New Zealand Plant Conservation Network - Established in 2003 to ensure the native plant life of NZ is protected.
NZTCV Environmental sustainability, preservation, bio-diversity and work projects.
KEA CONSERVATION The Kea Conservation Trust has been set up for the protection of Kea in New Zealand as they are an endangered species.
CONSERVATION VOLUNTEERS Conservation Volunteers New Zealand.
WOODWORKERS INSTITUTE The Woodworkers Institute is an online home of the market leading woodworking magazines from the Guild of Master Craftsman Publications.
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