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Bee Kind™ Leather Care PLUS Free Kawakawa Massage Soap

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Get everything you need for the highest quality of bespoke beeswax leather care in one pack. Incorporating a luxurious blend of the finest NZ beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, certified essential oils of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus, lanolin and other natural oils, our leather care products are made with natural ingredients to ensure that all types of leather stay nourished, conditioned, soft, and waterproofed. Includes a FREE rich superfatted kawakawa soap for relief of skin issues such as mud fever, rain scald and bacterial skin complaints, rashes and allergies, so you can take care of your horse or hound too.

• Non greasy
• No neurotoxic petroleum by-products, no solvents, turps and no artificial fragrances
• No sticky finish, so dust wont stick!
• Repels water and protects from water.
• Prevents mold growth.
• Very nourishing and naturally protects leather.
• Pure Tea tree and eucalyptus oil inhibits mold and mildew, preventing leather and stitching from deterioration.

• Natural Beeswax and carnuaba wax will naturally lengthen and preserve the life of your leather gear. 


Bee Kind Leather & Saddle Soap: A natural glycerin based soap made with beeswax, lanolin, tea tree & eucalyptus oils.  Use the beeswax saddle soap to gently clean your leather, remove stains and preserve leather. 150gms

Bee Kind Leather Wax:
A natural beeswax and carnauba wax formulation with pure essential oils of Eucalyptus & Tea tree - to waterproof, soften, preserve & feed leather keeping it soft, nourished & durable. Beeswax and Carnauba wax are natural lubricants and protect leather from harsh elements, forming a protective wax barrier on the surface of the leather so the leather lasts longer. Use our leather wax to restore softness, condition leather and repair cracking. 150gms

Bee Kind Leather Oil:
A quality leather oil made with high grade plant oils, beeswax, tea trea and eucalyptus essential oils. Designed for quality leather & bespoke leather garments and formulated with oleic-rich plant oils, beeswax and vitamin E. Our leather oil provides a deep shine while nourishing, protecting and revitalising all types of leather. Includes beeswax for added protection and certified tea trea and eucalyptus oils to inhibit mould and mildew, preventing leather and stitching from deteriorating over time. Works on all leather surfaces and colours and restores dry leather and repels water and penetates deeply into the leather surface. Restores sun faded leather. Excellent for touch-ups between applications of Bee Kind Wax. Can be buffed to shine or polished over with gorgeous results. Contains no harmful silicones, animal fat, petroleum, solvents or paraffin. Non-greasy formula.
Application: Apply as often as necessary to polish and restore leather. Frequent application will continue hydrate, extending the amount of time between conditioning. 250mls

Kawakawa Massage Soap for Horses & Hounds included FREE: A value of $14.95 absolutely free. Anti-microbial, anti-septic and anti-fungal. With ingredients including natural herb-infused oils, Kawakawa, Chamomile and Aloe extracts, the cleansing soap is naturally formulated to help with skin disorders, mud fever, rain scald and bacterial skin complaints and allergies, and the plant and essential oils have been shown to help with deterrance of fleas, ticks and other parasites. The soap comes in a beautiful massage bar, designed to gently cleanse and provide relief while releasing tension and stress of achy muscles. 120g. Click here to go to our Kawakawa Soaps individual listing.


"I would like to share my experience and also endorse Bee Kind natural beeswax leather preserver and conditioner. I have been hand making saddles and other leather items since 1978, my saddles are regarded as the Elite of saddles available in Australasia. My saddles have been in the Olympic Games and Harrods of London. Over the years I have used many leather conditioners and even resorted to making my own as I couldn't find anything that was soft and easy to apply, until I found Bee Kind. I find it the best on the market. Easy to apply, the leather is more supple and it smells fantastic. I recommend it to anyone for leather. Will be the only brand I use."
Graham Moore - Saddler (Hand Crafted Saddles & Repair Since 1978)

“The search is finally over! Bee Kind beeswax leather preserver and conditioner is the BEST leather cleaning product ever, no argument! It’s effective, non-greasy, not sticky, smells brilliant and leaves both your gear and hands soft, smooth and nourished. Since it arrived for a product trial last Autumn, there’s been not a trace of mold or mildew anywhere.” 
 Tried and Tested: Rowan Dixon (Editor) - Publication: Fairfax, NZ Horse & Pony, January, 2010

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