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Bee Kind Heavy Duty Fabric Beeswax Waterproofing Bar - Buy 2 get 1 FREE

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Bee Kind Beeswax Waterproofing Wax Bar - Heavy Duty - 100grams

*SPECIAL - BUY TWO BARS AND GET ONE FREE - Free bar will be sent in package. NB. The additional free waterproofing bar does not come in box

*NOTE: Please do not use these bars if you are allergic to bees. The heating process may attract a small amount of bees, as bees can detect the smell of beeswax from miles away.
Please apply the wax correctly to the fabric re. Heating/curing. More info below. We have found an iron on a low setting to be the best application, but please use with caution. Can be used in 'hot' direct sun to melt and cure.

This product is not a flammable liquid, so is safe to use and get on hands. Plus an excellent choice for those that suffer from severe asthma or skin disorders. No toxic fumes/chemical particles that can be inhaled or ingested.
We devised the idea of a bar as if you attempted to melt down pure natural waxes, by the time it hit your paint brush it would have hardened, before even geting to cover. We do not condone melting and then thinning with turpentine as turpentine is a highly flammable liquid. With acute oral toxicicity (as specified in it's data sheet) It is also highly combustible. PLEASE do not use on your animals covers. If you wish to thin our bars down, please use an oil. 


1. First, ensure that the product you are applying this to is clean and dry.
Use the free cotton cloth provided to hold the bar and rub back and forth 
over the surface, which creates the friction needed to loosen the wax.
2. Ensure the wax has been SPREAD EVENLY over the surface. 
3. HEAT the wax into the fabric using either:
• A heat gun
• A hair dryer on a HIGH heat setting (for smaller garments).
• An iron set to a LOW SYNTHETIC setting.
4. If applying to a large surface area such as a horse cover, for the best 
results apply a second coating of the wax bar straight after you have 
heated thoroughly the first application.
5. If the look of the wax is white and it is sticky to touch it has not been cured into the fabric. So it won’t be waterproof. So re-apply heat using the above methods.
6. Leave overnight to dry and cure.
For a visual demonstration of how to apply this product please visit our website:
NOTE: To wash the wax out of your fabric, set the wash temperature to 60 degrees heat and wash twice. 
For larger clothes or in-between covers, you could place garments into tied up large black plastic rubbish bags. Then place into the dryer for 10min increments. 

It’s recommended that you re-apply wax every year or second year. Waxing fabric, will darken the color of a fabric and give it a light shine. As a general rule of thumb, plan on using more wax to treat un-waxed or oiled fabrics. Waxed fabrics are already saturated with wax, so will not absorb as much as an untreated fabric. Our Bee Kind wax bars are excellent for one-sided waxing because it creates a seal on the top layer of the fabric. Great for quickly re-proofing factory waxed and oiled garments like oilskins. Our wax is melted down when applied, thus permeating deeper into the fabric and yielding a more factory-waxed appearance. This is ideal for multi-layered coats and jackets, or for re-proofing factory-oiled fabrics.


Photo of horse in paddock above (Taken in late evening) with waterproofing bar that has been correctly applied to (only top half of cover) for the impending winter high rains. Cover is an old synthetic fabric - second hand cover. Used only one bar. Used iron to melt in bar and left to dry overnight. Has been on cover for 6 weeks now. You can still see where the wax is applied. Feels and looks alike to an oilskin. After a heavy rainfall, the cover appearance will be reverse in colour. The top line will be dry and the bottom of cover where no waterproofing bar has been applied will still be saturated. So the top will be lighter than the bottom. 

Our Bee Kind Beeswax Waterproofing Bar was specially formulated to:
1. Provide a non-flammable and non-toxic agent
2. Provide a non-toxic agent to use that doesn't flare up asthma or skin disorders. Eliminates inhaling chemical vapours.
3. Provides an even distribution and coverage over garments without having to melt first.

Our beeswax heavy duty water repellent and protectant wax is made from the highest quality beeswax and blend of waxes. A great option for heavy duty waterproofing projects like outdoor equipment, float and tent awnings, tent seams, jackets or pants, bike wear, back packs, hats, synthetic and canvas horse covers, horse saddle blankets, trekking boots, jeans, canvas shoes, fishing & hunting gear, rucksacks, tents and hiking boots. Any surface that requires a heavy duty water-proofing surface. Easy to use. Can be used in hard to reach seams and stitching. For horse covers, does both synthetic and canvas. Wax needs to be heated and cured into fabric for high quality results. You can also just use one bar and waterproof the top seams and all the stitching (to protect stitching) where the water really hits in a heavy rain downpour, if you want more breathability in heavier horse covers.

Note for Horse Covers: Not ideal for thin cotton white cover sheets - It will attract soil on a the sheet when the horse rolls, due the nature of the beeswax in the wax bar as it's a waxy type substance. Unless wax is melted in correctly and completely dried before use. 
Photo below
- Waterproofing a 4.9ft synthetic horse cover  



Un-doctored photo taken with phone, with an example of an old synthetic horse cover that has been waterproofed on the right hand side. If the wax hasn't been applied correctly with heat & curing, it will appear like the left hand side of photo. It will not have that wet look, oilskin appearance. The product won't work nearly as well. Just started to rain while taking photo and the right hand side is completely watertight. The left side is drenched right through already after 30mins of consistent rain.


 “It’s easy to water proof my horses covers. It works so great thank you so much. As I have asthma I can water proof my covers now. Thank you heaps, I love it!” Wendy Denton

" I love this product, two bars covered my 12X9 ft canvas tent. A much better product than any spray I have used on the market to date.
1 bar was used for all of the seams inside and out, the other covered all of the outside going over the ground sheet seams twice.. 
After I finished, I put the tent in my green house for 2 days and the wax fully melted into canvas fabric.. The tent has now been stood up for 9 days and has been involved in some awful NZ downpours but not a single drop has come through.. bearing in mind the reason I wanted to water proof was because the tent leaked at the top from one of the seam.. I had to do some patch work on the tent to cover a little hole on the side, I am not very good at sewing but I used heaps of the wax to cover the stiches and all of the patch.. the rain streams off it!!" A***** Product and great delivery time!! 
Henry Lawson - Trade Me

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